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High Return Value-Add Acquisition Criteria

Investment size: $10 million to $1 billionBristol has discretionary capital and invests in the following types of assets: o Assets which may require recapitalization, re-tenanting or repositioning

o Fee simple interests, leasehold interests, joint venture interests, secondary interests, options, partial interests, or interests in a

discounted performing, sub-performing or non-performing loan

o Apartments, self-storage, retail, excess corporate real estate, office, land, data centers and non-traditional assets

Transaction types include the following: o Infill location or locations with strong demographic momentum

o Off-market deals selling at 30-60% of replacement cost

o Mixed bag/family-operated portfolios concentrated in one or two markets

o Ownership fragmentation or complex capital structures

o Asset sales requiring rapid due diligence and capital infusion

o Over-leveraged or under-capitalized assets

o Non-performing debt on assets or platforms

o Under-utilized or under-managed assets or land

Invest Re-Develop Develop Operate

Bristol Group's High Return Value-Add strategy takes advantage of Bristol's investment and operational expertise to unlock asset value through strategic transaction structures, turnaround plans or a deep understanding of market conditions.

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